Stray cats or cats with no identification

We are often asked to take in stray cats or cats which have turned up in people's gardens, at their doors looking for food or who are sleeping in a garden shed and not leaving it.

  • Firstly we always ask the person contacting us to check with neighbours or in the neighbourhood to make sure no-one has lost a cat.
  • Secondly , the cat goes to our vet so it can be scanned for a microchip, or there may be a name and address on the cat's collar.
  • Thirdly, if there is no way of identifying the cat or an owner, the cat is kept for one week, then it is offered for adoption.

We have not the space to keep stray / unidentified cats for longer than one week before they are offered for adoption. Please make sure your cat has some form of identification, so if he/she does go missing , you as the owner can be traced.

We have reunited quite a number of cats with their owners via a microchip, we would recommend all owners' cats are microchipped. It is a simple quick procedure done by your vet, which is not expensive. By doing this, if your cat does go missing and is handed in to a vet, then you as the owner can be contacted, but you must make sure the microchip company has up to date contact information on you eg change of address or phone number.