About Fife Cat Shelter

Fife Cat Shelter was established as a registered Scottish charity at the start of 1993.  As most charities, it is helped by volunteers, and is self-funding.
Many people ask why there is a need for organisations such as Fife Cat Shelter, and the sad truth is that the need is there because of the horrendous number of abandoned, stray cats.  In 2022 we rehomed 420 cats and kittens. This does not include some old timers who are sometimes offered a home by one of our fosterers or supporters, or those cats who have to be put to sleep through illness or severe injury.

We are contacted with a variety of reasons to ask if we can take a cat into the Shelter eg.

  • Death of an owner or owner going into permanent care.  These cats are often elderly themselves and take much longer to find a home, as most people ask for kittens or young cats.
  • Because the owner is pregnant and no longer wants a cat.
  • Owner moving abroad or to another part of the country or into rented accomodation, where no pets are allowed.
  • Someone in the household allergic to cats.
  • An owner's cat is pregnant and they can't cope with the cat having kittens.

  Many of the cats we take in have been left behind when owners move, or have been abandoned in unfamiliar surroundings.  July, when holidays are booked, is our worst month for abandoned cats, especially pregnant cats and kittens. 

Providing necessary veterinary care for the cats we take into the Shelter, providing a reduced cost  for neutering to members of the public on a low income and then re-homing cats and kittens is a commitment we take seriously and work hard to achieve, to the best of our ability and resources. However we are a small charity and we do not have funds to cover the cost of veterinary treatment for an owner's cat which needs major / expensive surgery.

Each year we are astounded at the amount of money we have needed, principally to pay vets' bills .  Up till now we have managed to raise the money to do this, but,  our  annual vet’s bill is now regularly  around  £55,000.  Each year we worry if we will be able to raise enough money to continue our work, because without money we cannot rescue and treat cats.  Money is raised through fund raising activities, through donations, and sometimes through small bequests,  this money has helped Fife Cat Shelter continue its work.

As a cat lover, I am sure you will recognise that our work is important and necessary.

Please note that we do not deliver cats to new owners under any circumstance and that the donation for a neutered cat is £100, £150 for 2 cats and   £80 for a kitten , £140 for 2 kittens, which is paid at the time of collecting the chosen cat.

We do not reserve cats, it is a case of first come first serve, we do not hang on to a cat in the hope that someone who visited the cat will actually come back for it. If, by arrangement, someone books a cat, fills out the forms and pays for the cat, then wants to come back the next day, we are happy to do that. 

Many of our cats are boarded at dedicated FIfe Cat Shelter units at two local catteries:

  • Causeway Cottage Cattery Scotlandwell , KY13 9JQ. 
  • Catnip Castle Hotel Cattery just outside Cleish, KY13 0LS

We would recommend both of these excellent Catteries to anyone, as they offer the highest standard of cat care!

Fife Cat Shelter cats always go to a vet for a health check before coming into the main Shelter. 

Causeway Cattery or Catnip Castle Hotel Cattery will NOT accept any cats on behalf of Fife Cat Shelter from anyone who just turns up at the Cattery with a stray or unwanted cat. 

Fife Cat Shelter cats are only accepted at these Catteries via agreement with a representative of Fife Cat Shelter andonce it has been given a clean bill of health by our vets. 

All phone calls should be made to 01383 830 286 and not to Catteries as these are private businesses, where we pay to board cats in dedicated units.
Visitors to the Shelter are most welcome, but please phone 01383 830 286 to arrange a time before your visit. Thank you.

 We are closed all day Sunday.

Please note : We really do not appreciate people making a specific time to visit the cats then not turning up. This can mean we have turned away another potential owner , because we believed the person who has made the first arrangement would actually come. Because of this we have to say first come first serve, unless an actual appointment  and actual time has been made with the Cattery.

If you find you cannot keep the arrangement, or have changed your mind, please phone and let us know. Thank you