Any contribution you can make to help us continue our work, would be so much appreciated!

We have been running a scheme since January , 2015, whereby ,  we will help owners have their cats neutered. We ask owners to pay £30 towards their cat's neutering,   using  our vets who do give the charity a discount - and very grateful we are for this! This amnesty is ongoing and we have helped several hundred cats to get neutered.

Because of the pandemic which started in 2020, we have not been able to fund raise as we have previously done, Open Days, stalls at craft fairs, soft toy tombolas. We have held a number of successful Fife Cat Shelter Facebook auctions, but that currently is our only way of fund raising, till lock down ends. We would be happy to receive  items for our auctions to help raise funds, just phone the Shelter 01383 830286.

We also offer to take owners' litters of kittens, so we can find the best possible homes for them with genuine, caring cat loving individuals and families. We check up on these kittens when they are 6 months old, to make sure new owners have carried out the agreement they signed, to have the kitten neutered at 6 months, or before. Many vets now neuter cats successfully at 4 months.

Please note Fife Cat Shelter will never ask you to support us through crowd funding or subscription.

If you wish to make a donation, please email Rhona or phone, send a donation in the post or use the green donate button.

Many thanks for taking time to read this.