Fosterers are a valuable part of our organisation, particularly for shy cats who need time and patience to build up their confidence.

We regularly receive enquiries about becoming a fosterer for Fife Cat Shelter.

Fostering a cat is an important responsibility, and Fife Cat Shelter has some specific requirements for potential fosterers :
  • Fosterers are preferably based in Fife.

  • Fosterers must have their own transport and be willing to take a cat to one of our vets, should the need arise.

  • For shy cats, a quiet area or room where the cat can initially live is an important issue.

  • All of the fosterer's own cats, must have up to date vaccinations.

  • We assess each potential household in relation to the needs and personality of the cat, for example, if the cat has a real fear of dogs, it would not be placed in a household with dogs.

  • Fife Cat Shelter uses specific vet practices for fostered cats and in the event of a fostered cat requiring treatment, it must be taken to one of our identified vets.

If you feel  you would like more information or details about becoming a fosterer , please contact the Shelter  on 01383 830286 between 9 am and 7pm.