Fife Cat Shelter

Cat Currently Looking for Homes

We have a litter of 3 black male kittens and 1 grey/white female kitten, they are currently being socialised and should be ready for new homes in a week. They can however be visited and booked, but prospective owners should be aware, that we have a very strict rehoming kitten policy, and prospective owners will have to agree to this policy before they are offered a kitten.


Mya in a strange pose, she is actually a slender very pretty black female cat. We estimate her to be around 18 months old, she has been the only cat in a household so we are not sure how she would be living with another cat. She is a nice wee cat.

Mitzi is a beautiful 3 and a half year old female cat, who has been accustomed to getting outside.

Lexus is only 15 months old, a nice cat, quite a quiet cat , nice nature, who has been accustomed to getting outside, and as far as we know , has not lived with other cats.

Tommy is a very handsome dark tabby/ white boy 6 years old. He has been brought all the way from Newcastle, as , we were told, there was no rescue centre that had room to take him in. Nice cat, who would probably be happy as the only cat in a household.

Chase is just 2 years old, a very handsome tabby boy, who has no tail. He would prefer to be in a quiet household, with no other cats.

Mittens' owner has sadly died , so Mittens is now looking for a permanent home, she is very overweight and a new owner is advised not to over feed her of give her treats. She is around 9 years old, has been a very much loved cat, nice nature.


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Fife Cat Shelter was established as a registered Scottish charity at the start of 1993 and as with most charities it is run by volunteers, and is self-funding.

Many people ask why there is a need for organisations such as Fife Cat Shelter, and the sad truth is that the need is there because of the horrendous number of abandoned, stray cats.  We re-home on average, over 400 cats and kittens a year.  This does not include some old timers who are sometimes offered a home by one of our fosterers or supporters, or those cats who have to be put to sleep through illness or severe injury.

Please note that we do not deliver cats to new owners under any circumstance and that the donation for a neutered cat is £80, £120 for 2 cats and   £70 for a kitten and £110 for 2 kittens,  which is paid at the time of collecting the chosen cat.

Many of our cats are boarded at Causeway Cottage Cattery Scotlandwell , KY13 9JQ  we would recommend this Cattery to anyone , it offers the highest standard of cat care. 

Fife Cat Shelter cats always go to a vet for a health check before coming into the main Shelter. Causeway Cattery will NOT take in any cats on behalf of Fife Cat Shelter from anyone who just turns up at the Cattery with a stray or unwanted cat. Fife Cat Shelter cats are only accepted at the Cattery via agreement with a representative of Fife Cat Shelter, once it has been given a clean bill of health by a vet. All phone calls should be made to 01383 830 286 and not to Causway Cattery as this is a private business, where we pay to board cats. We are currently also boarding cats at Gairneybridge cattery , just outside Kelty, but same "rules" as above for Causeway Cattery.
Visitors to the Shelter are most welcome, but please phone 01383 830 286 to arrange a time before your visit. Thank you.